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ALFAREQ HOLIDAYS "in Saudi Arabia" has established since  2010 , it has  a group of highly experienced operators  for organizing touristic and educational tours . We are honored to organize educational trips for students who wish to develop their skills in English language. As we believe that our children's scientific crop increases as we increase the chances of spreading scientific culture, No one disagrees about the necessity and importance of mastering the English language, which is the first language in the world, and that the follow-up of scientific production will be faster for those who know the full knowledge of this language, especially since most of our children now do not speak English.

Our Programs and Courses

Summer Camp in Britain :  

Is a special program for middle and high school students and aims to improve the skills of our children in English through exercises that focus on speaking and listening skills divided into 20 lessons per week. In addition to enhancing confidence and gaining leadership skills and time management. The Holidays team has implemented this program for two consecutive years 2016 and 2017. The program has impressed the admiration of both students and parents. It is more than just an educational trip ...
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watch our trip in 2016 season 

Preparing for University Course : 

Is a special program in Britain for young people 17 years of age and above to be implemented at the end of each semester. The students are accompanied by a supervisor to follow up and organize their studies in their institutes. The program includes more than 50 institutes in Britain. Or special ...
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Other programs

(America - Australia - New Zealand - Canada - Ireland)

The team offers many other study programs in many countries such as America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and other countries according to the student's desire and according to the field he wishes to study. Our team will complete all the required procedures for student travel, Entering and booking accommodation, whether with family or private accommodation as desired by the student.

summer camp

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